Christmas Music

Is anyone like me and struggles with the desire to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving? This is seriously something I was really good about, I swore to myself I wouldn’t listen to any Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but then Ingrid Michaelson released her Christmas album last week, I had to listen to it and now I’m stuck.

I feel bad for Thanksgiving, it can’t help that the capitalistic society we live in wants to ensure we spend lots on Christmas. They completely have bypassed Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas after Halloween. Thanksgiving is like the awkward middle child that doesn’t know how to get the attention it desires without seeming needy. We forget about the history of Thanksgiving as we are so focused on Christmas.

However, I love Christmas music and I love the Christmas holiday. I don’t necessarily enjoy the gift giving anymore, but I enjoy the time that is given to us to spend time with our family and friends. I am an avid Christmas music listener and there are a few albums that I always listen to and always make me feel the Christmas Spirit so I thought I would share them with you.

Josh Groban’s Noël is the first album that I could honestly listen to year round. Every year I know it’s Christmas time when I put on his album and Little Drummer Boy starts playing. I also love his song It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. I think I listened to this song on repeat for a whole day (or two). Josh Groban’s vocals compare to none in this album.

Michael Buble’s Christmas is the second album I always look foward to listening. Random tangent, but recently a friend told me Michael Buble sucks and I almost walked up and left the restaurant. Don’t come for Michael Buble, he is everything. If you haven’t seen his Carpool Karaoke, you should watch it (click here). Anyways, this album is a fun and one of the perfect Christmas albums to dance around the living room to.

Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas is the second album I ever owned and I still have his CD, I even transferred his album from my old car to my new car. I love how his music makes me feel as if I’m in New Orleans. It’s one of my favorite albums and if you want a song to add to your Christmas party playlist Such A Night is one of his best songs.

Hilary Duff’s Santa Clause Lane was the first Christmas cd I ever owned and it is still a gem. Don’t hate me, it is such a good album and it is not on Spotify or Apple Music and it kills me. It is available on YouTube and I highly suggest you go check it out (my favorites are Santa Clause Lane, Same Old Christmas, When The Snow Comes Down, I heard Santa on the Radio, okay I’m basically just listing the whole album). I actually rebought the CD because I had worn it out so badly.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Albums? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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4 thoughts on “Christmas Music

  1. Here, we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving but we do celebrate Christmas and put up the fake trees for decoration purpose because it’s hot and humid throughout the year. We will start with Christmas music on the 1st of December.
    I can’t choose one for my favorite! There’s a lot! 😊 thanks for sharing your playlist, might want to hear some new version.


    1. That’s awesome! Some radios channels here have already started playing Christmas music and tbh I’ve already started listening to them on my way to work..hah


  2. Well, our Thanksgiving was in October, so we get some time in between before Christmas, kind of lol, Christmas decorations are already going up in malls. The Santa Claus parade is like next weekend 😃


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