Book Review: The Romanov Empress

I spend a lot of time flying red-eye flights. These are flights that depart after 9pm and arrives around 5am-6am in the morning. I fly red-eyes because I’m not a morning person and this allows me to spend the day doing errands and chores and then work in the evening. I read a lot during these flights and spend a lot of time recommending different books to friends and family.

I recently have become really fascinated with Russian history as I’ve been spending more time in the state of Alaska. Sitka, Alaska used to be the Capital of Russia America and I discovered this on my last layover in Sitka. Consequently I became fascinated with Russian history and I started researching different books and stumbled upon this book.

The Romanav Empress by C.W. Gortner is a historical fiction about the Tsarina Maria Feodorovna. She was the mother of Tsar Nicholas and the grandmother of Anastasia. This tells the story of her journey as a young woman in Denmark to her rise as the Tsarina of Russia and the difficulties she faced as violence and change loomed over Russia.

I found this book to be extremely engaging and a very fascinating read. As someone who didn’t know much about Russian history, this book was a exciting read. While this is a work of historical fiction, all the political events are true.

Told from the focus of Tsarina Maria, we see life from the opulent lifestyle of the Tsars and the Romanov’s who had ruled Russia for over four hundred years. The story shows how the extravagant lifestyle of the Tsars definitely frustrated the Russians, but you can’t help but feel sympathetic to Maria as this is her story.

This book is filled with lavish historic events and is captivating from page 1. I enjoyed how well written and simple it was to read. It’s a fast paced story that will make you want to read it all in one sitting.

5 Star (5/5)


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