25 Best Original Christmas Songs


Who loves Christmas as much as I do? The Holidays are my favorite time in the year because you have an excuse to wear the comfiest clothes, drink hot chocolate all the time and get to snuggle up with your loved ones. I always look forward to decorating the tree and my family always blasts music while we put the lights up. It often takes us a long time to decorate the tree because we end up having dancing and karaoke breaks to the Christmas music.

Christmas music is my favorite thing about the Holidays. I love Christmas music more than I love anything else about Christmas (except for spending time with my family, that beats everything). There are so many songs, so many artists and their own variation of some classics. There are lot of Christmas albums, and every year at least four new ones are released. I always enjoy listening to the classic Christmas songs, but there have been some really amazing original Christmas songs that have been released in the past decade.

This is my list of the 25 Best Original Christmas Songs.

Do you know of any original Christmas songs that I might have missed? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “25 Best Original Christmas Songs

  1. Love this, I’m a huge fan of Christmas music, whether it’s cheesy or more meaningful. A personal favourite is “On This Winter’s Night” by Lady Antebellum 🙂


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