19 Christmas Romantic Comedies


Who loves cheesy Christmas romantic comedies (rom-com)? I LOVE THEM. Hallmark, Netflix – you name them, I’ve seen them! There is something so wonderful and cheesy about watching terrible movie plots, fake snow and two people falling in love within two days of meeting each other. It’s exactly how I would want to fall in love with someone during Christmas (just kidding). But in all seriousness, Christmas rom-com are some of my favorite movies and I love that this is something that other people are jumping on the bandwagon. Thank you Netflix and Hallmark for taking on this momentous task and doing a superb job.

Let’s start with Netflix’s greatest release this year: The Princess Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens. If you didn’t this was rom-com gold, get out of here. Buzzfeed did a quiz about which guy from A Princess Switch you should marry and I got Hot Baker Dad Kevin and I was ecstatic (you can take the test here). You should also watch their movie The Holiday Calendar, also released this year because it is magical gold.

Netflix released a total gem last year called A Christmas Prince and this changed my life. It made me realize that journalism is a viable career path if it means meeting a prince (currently looking into journalism schools that have internships in countries with royal families, so far – there are none). Netflix is releasing a sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and frankly, I think it’s a bit cheeky of them to use The Royal Wedding. As if to completely ignore the fact that THE ROYAL WEDDING already happened earlier this year (cc Harry and Meghan Markle).  Anyways, at the time that I am writing this post, the sequel hasn’t been released so I can’t give you my opinion, but rest assured I am sure I will love it.

There were also some great holiday rom-com blockbusters such as The Holiday – which I recently discovered Hans Zimmer wrote the score for. Hans Zimmer, the composer who wrote the score for Inception, The Lion King, Driving Miss Daisy, Pearl Harbor, Pirates of the Carribean, the list goes on and on, wrote the score for The Holiday. It kills me. I digress.

Anyways here’s list of my favorite holiday rom-com (in no particular order because I honestly couldn’t rank them so please don’t ask me).

  1. The Princess Switch (hello KEVIN)
  2. A Prince for Christmas
  3. The Holiday Calendar
  4. A Princess for Christmas (Hi Sam Heughan)
  5. The Holiday (I’m just here for Jude Law)
  6. Love Actually
  7. White Christmas
  8. A Christmas Kiss
  9. A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale (I’m just here for the dogs)
  10. Crown for Christmas
  11. A Very Merry Mixup
  12. A Christmas Detour
  13. Christmas Inheritance
  14. Christmas with a view
  15. Christmas in the City (Ashanti is in this, need I say more?)
  16. Christmas Crush (or Holiday High School Reunion starring AARON SAMUELS – who’s real name is Jonathan Bennett but did anyone actually know that?)
  17. Holiday Engagement
  18. My Christmas Dream
  19. The Spirit of Christmas (kind of weird, but kind of love it)

What’s your favorite holiday rom-com? Did I miss any good ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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