12 Places I Want to Travel To


I’m the typical millennial that just wants to travel and discover myself. I’ve got the traveling on lock down, but I’m still trying to figure out who I am. While I keep working on myself, I’m going full steam ahead on my travel plans. Next year I want to go to at least two new countries. I’ve already got plans to go to Argentina and Portugal next year (plus France and Spain, but I’ve already been there so I can’t cross those off my list). Here’s a list of the 12 places I want to travel to.

  1. Croatia
  2. Morocco
  3. Peru
  4. Russia
  5. Australia
  6. New Zealand
  7.  Sweden
  8. Finland
  9. Maine
  10. Vermont
  11. Rhode Island
  12. Italy

What are some countries or States that you want to visit? Have you been to any of the places I listed? If so, any advice on what I should see? Let me know!

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3 thoughts on “12 Places I Want to Travel To

  1. Top of my list is Israel, but so expensive!! I’d also love to hit NZ and Australia! We really enjoyed our time in Helsinki but Stockholm was a little lackluster for us for some reason. Also highly recommend Marrakesh, Morocco. What an experience. I wrote about both of these on my blog if you’re interested. Don’t want to write a book here in your comments 🙂


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