9 Best Travel Apps


When I first started my job as a flight attendant I would pack my laptop with me wherever I went. I ended up realizing that I rarely needed it because I am able to do so much on my phone. My laptop also took up a lot of room in suitcase and made it heavier. If you stop and think about it, it is quite impressive how our cell phones have advanced so much that we carry a miniature laptop with us everywhere we go.

I pretty much do everything on my phone. When I backpacked across Europe, all I carried was my phone, so I’ve become pretty self-sufficient on it. I pay my bills, answer emails and even book most of my trips on my phone. I only use my laptop if I want to compare different prices of hotels, hostels etc.

I often tell people these are the best apps you need so I thought, why not write a blog post about it! I’m going to break down the apps by their category and their price.


  1. Maps.me is a great app to download if you are traveling somewhere where you won’t have data. You can download cities via WiFi and it’ll work on Airplane Mode to give you directions. I advise that you download the cities ahead of time before going to Europe as the WiFi may be spotty. (Free)
  2. Rome2Rio – This app allows you to put in the destination you are trying to get to and it’ll give you all the travel options on how to get there and the cost of it. (Free)
  3. GoEuro – This app is the same as Rome2Rio but I use both to compare prices and purchase the cheapest one. (Free)
  4. GateGuru – Run by Trip Advisor, this app will tell you security wait times, gate changes and other information all in one app. (Free)
  5. WhatsApp or Viber – These are messaging apps that allow you to message while abroad. Most people have iPhones now and you can message via WiFi, but for the few who have androids, this allows you to text them while you’re abroad all over WiFi. (Free or $1.00)
  6. Hopper (or Kayak) – This app allows you to enter a date and destination and it’ll notify you when the flight prices are the cheapest. (Free)
  7. XE Currency – This app is super helpful if you’re traveling abroad. The app allows you to add multiple different currencies so you can compare all the exchange rates. (Free)
  8. Google Trips – This app only works if you use gmail.com as your email for your travel. However if you do, this app is so helpful. It loads all your reservations and itineraries in the app so you don’t have to go hunting through your email inbox to try and find the information. If you don’t have gmail, I suggest you get one just for your travels because this app is really helpful if you are taking multiple flights, renting cars, booking tours etc. (free)
  9. Grab – This app is still being rolled out but for most major airports this should be available. If you’re in a rush, or don’t want to wait in line, you can order your food via this app and pick it up at any airport restaurant that participates. (Free)

Any apps you think are a must have for traveling? Let me know below!

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3 thoughts on “9 Best Travel Apps

  1. Will definitely be taking your suggestion and will download google trips. Last year I was calling the car rental company like a fool, SURE that I had booked with them, but couldn’t find a reservation email anywhere! Fortunately I wasn’t totally a fool because I had in fact booked with them, I just don’t know where that email went!


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