3 Asks from a Flight Attendant


I know traveling is really stressful. Especially traveling during the holidays. You’re stressed you won’t make your connections, you’re stressed because you’re flying with kids. You’re stressed because you’re going to see family who you don’t get along with, the list goes on and on.

We get it, as flight attendants, we have seen everything. I mean that, we have seen everything. We’ve also experienced everything. Yelling at us that you are going to get us fired, telling us we are stupid, telling me I’m fat. I’ve heard it all. So to reduce your stress and mine, here are 3 asks I have before you come to the airplane.

  1. Make sure you are seated together.
    • Did you know if you purchase your tickets through a third party vendor like Expedia and Orbitz it is not the responsibility of the Airline to ensure you are seated together? If you read the fine print when you are purchasing it from Orbitz, it essentially says that Orbitz can’t guarantee that your seat preference will be fulfilled by the airline. This is because by the time Orbitz or Expedia sends your information to the airline, someone could’ve already purchased the seats that you had requested off the airlines website. This means you are not sitting together when you check in. This is not the airlines fault, not the Customer Service Agents fault and not the Flight Attendant’s fault.
  2. Be Nice
    • You’ve gotten to the airport, you’re not seated together and you are annoyed. Yelling at the Customer Service Agent (the person at the counter) is not going to help you. I tell my friends this all the time, if you are nice to the CSA’s, they will be more willing to help you out.
    • Be nice to your flight attendants. I know you think we are annoying when we ask you to raise your seat up and put away your tray table but its for good reason (I’m doing a post later about that). Please remember that while you are flying to visit your family and loved ones over the holidays, your flight attendants and pilots are away from theirs. We know this is part of the job, we understand that, but it makes it harder to away from our families when people are constantly yelling at us. I often think to myself “I’m missing Christmas with my family so this guy can yell at me over something that I have no control over.” It doesn’t really create Christmas spirit when you’re being mean does it?
  3. Download Apps and entertainment ahead of time.
    • Please, for your sake and for ours, have all your entertainment gadgets and toys prepped ahead of time. Sometimes the WiFi is spotty, sometimes the in-flight movie tablets don’t work. Most airlines now provide a free movie streaming service as long as you download their app GoGo Entertainment. I suggest you download this app while you are still at home and have solid WiFi service. Additionally, Netflix now has downloading available for some of their movies. By having these already prepped and ready to go before you board the flight, you’ll be a lot happier and less stressed trying to download the last minute at the airport.

These are a few things I ask that you think about before you head to the airport. Friendly reminder to give yourself plenty of time to get through security (also not our fault if TSA is slow, that’s a whole separate organization). Any advice you have for your fellow travelers? Let me know!

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One thought on “3 Asks from a Flight Attendant

  1. I love this I always wanted to know what exactly the flights attendants think when they are traveling and it’s good to know so inside tips.


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