Last Night’s MeToo Moment

*Please note the following blog post talks about sensitive issues that may be a trigger for some people* Additionally, due to the nature of this post, any comments that are derogatory, inflammatory or rude will be deleted.

I initially had a different blog post scheduled for today but after last night’s episode, I decided I wanted to address the episode and my response to it.

For those who watch The Bachelor, and myself included, I enjoy it for its frivolous nature, the crazy dates and ridiculous drama. Yesterday, on The Bachelor, contestant Caelynn opened up to Colton about being raped during her sophomore year of college.

While this was happening, I was speechless, heartbroken and devastated. I commend Caelynn’s bravery for going on national television and revealing such a personal and intimate detail of her life. Once again, sexual violence has been brought to the forefront of national television and needs to be addressed. It’s disgusting and frustrating how incredibly common sexual violence/assault is. The #MeToo movement showed how many women experience sexual violence and yet we still have to fight to be heard and to not be judged. Christine Blasey Ford is a perfect example of being shamed, ridiculed and not believed after she courageously came forward with her story.

I felt compelled to write this blog post in support of Caelynn, to let her know and other women know that they are not alone. To tell your story on national television, to relive it not only while you’re telling your story, but also again when it airs, I admire you and commend you for your courage.  As I watched Caelynn reveal her story to Colton, part of me cried for her and everything she experienced, part of me was angered that this is still an issue and part of me admired the open and honest conversation that I wish I could have.

My story is also a MeToo story, my story is that I am statistic. My story is also not ready to be told. I’m not saying this to be allusive or mysterious, but because I’m still working through a lot of things. I’m okay though, I have finally told my story to my loved ones and I am getting the support I need. I’ve started therapy and I’ve made a lot of progress, but I’m not ready to expose my scars, my pain and my tribulations. There’s no roadmap on how to recover, there’s not a guidebook that tells you how to overcome such an emotional scarring event in your life. Everyone takes their own time to process and heal.

For those who have not experienced sexual violence, I ask that you don’t question or judge why it happened, rather that you support us, love us and allow us to heal at our own time and pace. For those who are victims of sexual violence, know you are not alone, that there are resources available for you and RAINN is a great resource to start at.

After I tweeted my anger and frustration over how common sexual violence is against women, I discovered and found Leah Griffin’s twitter account. For many who don’t know, she is also a survivor of sexual assault and is now a champion for rape survivors. To catch up on her work, read this article in Seattle Weekly. 

For those who want to help, there is currently a Bill in Congress right now called The Survivors Access to Supportive Care Act.

You can help us and other survivors by calling your Representatives and Senators and urge them to pass SB3203 and HR6387 (these are the Bill numbers The Survivors Access to Supportive Care Act).

Thank you for reading this.

4 thoughts on “Last Night’s MeToo Moment

  1. You are strong and courageous. Thanks for this post and it’s raw honesty ❤️




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