Women’s History Month

Happy last day of March!

Thanks for sticking it out with me, March was a one crazy month. I became lactose intolerant, I got sick for two weeks (just now rounding the corner) and I am in the process of moving out of my apartment. Needless to say, I’m glad that April will a low key chill month (hopefully).

March is National Women’s History Month and it is important to celebrate women (including women of color) and to continue to tell their stories. There are so many important women who have accomplished so much, but there is little known about them.

One of my most favorite recent discoveries is Katherine Johnson. Katherine Johnson was one of the ladies spotlighted in the movie Hidden Figures. She was one of the African American women at NASA that helped launch John Glenn into orbit.  And of course there is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the OG. And then we have another list of amazing women: Harriet B. Tubman, Ruby Bridges, Susan B. Anthony, Queen Elizabeth I (and the current). There are so many women in history who have done so much, I’m happy that we finally have a month to spotlight everything they have accomplished and the barriers they have broken. Here’s an awesome article from New York Times that spotlights some amazing women as well.

It is important to not only read and learn about these women, but to also hear their stories from them. Here’s a few books that I’ve read that I think are great stories about what women have accomplished.

Some other lists:

Please let me know if you have any more book suggestions as I am constantly trying to find more.

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