Long Distance Friendships

I am currently in Minnesota right now as I write this blog post. I flew in for the weekend to see the band Parachute in concert. (Sorry mom it was over Mother’s Day weekend, hope you liked the bed sham I bought you!)

Being here brings back lots of nostalgic feelings of when I lived here and was able to hangout with these great people more frequently. It made me think about friendships, the importance of having friends and long-distance friendships.

When I was younger, I used to think that it was important to have a lot of friends and be seen as someone who was well liked by everyone. This led to a lot of acquaintances that never scratched further than the surface. As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate deeper friendships,  honest conversations and more meaningful friendships.

Someone once told me, you don’t have to talk to someone every day to know feel validated that they care about you. This is something that I really focus on now, especially because we text more than we call friends. I used to need to receive texts to feel validated in our friendship and I know this is not how it is now.

I have definitely lost friendships. There are times, even when you are close with someone and emotionally invested in them, that you have to take a step back and say, is their behavior towards me ok? It is hard and it took me a while to realize I cannot blame myself for their lack of respect. It was hard, I had to block them from all social media and block their number so I would not allow myself to get sucked back into their fake friendship.

Friendship in general is difficult and add distance and it makes it even harder. Social media makes it harder also. You see photos of people hanging out and you feel left out even though you live in a different state. It takes time and sometimes you think, why do I do this?

I promise you, the few times that you get to see each other, you’ll pick up right where you left off and you’ll realize, it was all worth it. A phone call is always nice, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.Don’t forget to send your friends those silly memes, or dumb Buzzfeed articles when you are thinking of them, it’ll help remind them that you do think of them and you do care for them.

So cheers to the great friendships we build and nurture. So here’s to all those long distance friendships that stand the test of time (zones).

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