Hello from the other side

Hi I’m back!

Funny that a quarantine is what got me back to blogging. My life has been crazy, the airline industry is collapsing over the travel bans and grad school is kicking my butt. I’ve been holed up at home, trying to not go to stir crazy and also sad that there is so much fear and misinformation out there.

I did get back from New Zealand right before the travel ban happened so I guess my next blog post will be about my wonderful trip to New Zealand. I am sad that my trip to Europe got cancelled. I had tickets to the Euro Cup 2020 and was super excited to go to Italy since I’ve never been, but obviously that isn’t going to happen.

I’m also in my second semester into of grad school and it’s definitely kicking my butt. I’m only pulling an 87% in my class because my effort level is 0% at this time. Don’t tell my professor that though, she’ll probably be offended.

Other than that, hope everyone is doing fine, is healthy and staying safe.


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Summer is Almost Over

Hi all, gosh it has been a while! This summer was a busy one for the books and I am happy that I had such a great time traveling. I can’t wait to delve into what I’ve been doing this past summer, but this post will just be an update about my life and what has been going the past few months.

First off, I just want to say thanks for your patience as I navigate this world of blogging and the ebbs and flows of blogging. It is definitely harder to blog during the summer, who wants to stay inside when it is sunny and nice outside, right?

So a brief overview of this summer, I went to Portugal, visited Portland (Oregon) a few times, camped my way down Highway 101 and had some college friends visit. I went to The Mumford and Sons concert at the Moda Center in Portland (life changing) and Dean Lewis at The Showbox in Seattle. It was definitely one of the best summers I have had in a long time. However, it wasn’t all happy and great. The relationship I was in ended, I got into a scary car accident and my dearest, oldest friend’s aunt died unexpectedly and we were all devastated by that.

One of the things I’ve discovered is when something big and emotional happens, like a breakup, you really figure out a lot about yourself. I realized I hadn’t been honest with myself in how much I liked him and cared for him and I should have been. I was scared to tell him and I think that is partially why it ended, because I wasn’t honest with him or myself. I’m lucky though, I have some great friends who helped pick me back up and move on. I decided I needed to go back to therapy so I could work on these issues and I really encourage anyone who is considering going to therapy to look into it. I will acknowledge that I am lucky that I can afford to go to therapy and I know this is not the case for everyone.

Another really cool unexpected thing that happened was I got to meet up with Kara from Peacoat Travels. She was in Seattle for the week and we were able to meet up, grab lunch and explore a little of Seattle together. It is always fun when your online life intersects with your real life and a little surreal, but it was a great time.

Lastly, my final update is I’m headed to grad school this fall. This is something I have been considering for a couple years and I finally took the plunge and applied earlier this year. I cried when I got accepted because I was so nervous. I’m going back to school for Global Development and International Relations and no I do not know what I am going to do with it. Between grad school, working and blogging I hope I’m able to do all three, but in case I get behind, unfortunately my blogging will have to take a backseat. I’ll do my best to keep up but if I seem absent, that is why.

Thanks for reading my blog and following along. This was a much longer blog post than anticipated! This has been such a great adventure so far and I am excited to pick it back up.

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Long Distance Friendships

I am currently in Minnesota right now as I write this blog post. I flew in for the weekend to see the band Parachute in concert. (Sorry mom it was over Mother’s Day weekend, hope you liked the bed sham I bought you!)

Being here brings back lots of nostalgic feelings of when I lived here and was able to hangout with these great people more frequently. It made me think about friendships, the importance of having friends and long-distance friendships.

When I was younger, I used to think that it was important to have a lot of friends and be seen as someone who was well liked by everyone. This led to a lot of acquaintances that never scratched further than the surface. As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate deeper friendships,  honest conversations and more meaningful friendships.

Someone once told me, you don’t have to talk to someone every day to know feel validated that they care about you. This is something that I really focus on now, especially because we text more than we call friends. I used to need to receive texts to feel validated in our friendship and I know this is not how it is now.

I have definitely lost friendships. There are times, even when you are close with someone and emotionally invested in them, that you have to take a step back and say, is their behavior towards me ok? It is hard and it took me a while to realize I cannot blame myself for their lack of respect. It was hard, I had to block them from all social media and block their number so I would not allow myself to get sucked back into their fake friendship.

Friendship in general is difficult and add distance and it makes it even harder. Social media makes it harder also. You see photos of people hanging out and you feel left out even though you live in a different state. It takes time and sometimes you think, why do I do this?

I promise you, the few times that you get to see each other, you’ll pick up right where you left off and you’ll realize, it was all worth it. A phone call is always nice, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.Don’t forget to send your friends those silly memes, or dumb Buzzfeed articles when you are thinking of them, it’ll help remind them that you do think of them and you do care for them.

So cheers to the great friendships we build and nurture. So here’s to all those long distance friendships that stand the test of time (zones).

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Little Update

Hi friends!

It has been a while since I have updated you on my life so I thought I would give you a quick post. First off, I am back on reserve and man has that been tough. Reserve these past few months have been crazy. It feels like I am flying a summer schedule when it is technically low flying season. It has been a tough adjustment going back to reserve from having a line, but I have a few things I am looking forward to.

In a few weeks I am headed to Minnesota for a weekend and to see Parachute (the band) in concert. Part of what I love about my flight benefits is that I am able to see friends who live in other states more often than I used to be able to. At the end of May I am headed to Portugal for 9 days and I am so excited. I need this vacation to recharge and feel better about everything that has been going on. I am going with my flight attendant friend Abby.

In July I’m headed to Cooperstown, New York to see the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony (specifically Edgar Martinez). And lastly, at the end of August I’m doing an East Coast trip with my college friend Alyssa. We are going to New York City, Rhode Island and Boston. Part of the reason for our trip is to check off a few baseball fields (NY Yankees and Red Sox for sure, maybe the Mets). I’ll be pretty busy traveling for work and for fun over the summer, but these little trips are what keep me going when work gets frustrating. I cannot wait to blog about my travels and tell you about it.

Well that is all for now.

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Things I did in Buenos Aires pt. 2

Wow okay sorry, this is a post is a long time coming. Life got in the way (look for my next blog post about my exciting life updates) and I took a while to get this blog post together so apologies about that! Alright here we go on part two!

Capitol Building

I toured the Capitol Building in Buenos Aires. I make a point to try and visit every capitol building if I can. This is a free tour that is offered Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12:30pm for the English tour, just need to show up a bit early to register for the tour. It is currently under construction so I was unable to see most of the building, but the two rooms I visited were beautifully built.

Tango Dancing Show

Something that Buenos Aires (and Argentina) is known for, is their tango. I went and saw a tango show at a place called Tango Porteno. We chose this place because they offered transportation to and from the show. They had a variety of price ranges but for just the show and an appetizer (empanada) it cost $48USD. It was a really great show and I highly recommend going to a tango show if you get the chance.

Afternoon Tea

One of the things that I was most excited about to visit was The Alvear Palace Hotel, L’Orangerie Afternoon Tea room. Afternoon tea is something that the British do and the Alvear Palace Hotel offers. I recommend making reservations if you are going during high travel season as it is very popular. I also recommend that you show up with an empty stomach as they have a variety of sandwiches and desserts that will fill you up. It cost $25USD/per person.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

This place was one of the places I was most excited to visit. I had read about this old theatre that had been saved and converted into a bookstore. It did not disappoint. I could’ve spent hours browsing around the bookstore (I didn’t though). There’s also a really sweet cafe on the stage that you can sit and look out at everyone. I tried to take a photo but too many people kept walking by that I didn’t get a good pic. The photo below is the best one I took from one of the stairwells.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore, Buenos Aires (Edited with Snapseed)


That’s my wrap with Buenos Aires. My next blog post will be a brief update on my life and my next travel plans. Thanks for reading and see you next post!

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Monday Motivation

Last Monday I was definitely experiencing the Monday blues. Time seemed to be going by extra slow, I kept looking at my watch and only 2 minutes would have gone by. I was struggling and felt like it was the longest work day.

I worked three airport standby shifts in a row. For those who don’t know, airport standby is when we sit at the airport for 5 hours (that’s our shift time) and wait to preboard. Preboarding is when we board a flight for another flight attendant crew that are coming from another flight but are delayed for some reason. We preboard flights to make sure everything is ready for the other crew so they can just get on the plane and take off without having to delay the flight. This is great for passengers and the company to make sure that flights don’t get delayed, but if you don’t get called, airport standby is terrible. You sit there for 5 hours waiting for a phone call that never happens.

This was me: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and I was going stir crazy. I know every nook and cranny of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport so if you ever have a really long layover there, let me know and I will tell you all the best places to hide, where to charge your phones and the best food there is.

So on Monday, while I was waiting for a phone call that never happened, I decided to make a playlist. This playlist is my Monday motivation playlist. This is a playlist that makes me want to dance (and I definitely danced around the airport to this playlist). I made this playlist with the inspiration from some of my favorite artists (Parachute & Mat Kearney), The Challenge MTV Soundtrack (a really great show that you should watch and if you do I live tweet it so shameless plug to follow my twitter). Additionally I added songs that are great to sing in the car, alone or with friends, or to choose as karaoke songs. I tried to make a mix of 2019 songs and some good throwback songs. Honestly, I just wanted a really good playlist that was a mix of music that I could dance/sing and listen while taking the light rail to work.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any song recommendations to add to the list, comment below and let me know.

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Mystery Blogger Award


First off,  thank you so much Sharon for this nomination! It took me a while to get around to it, but I finally did it! Her blog is called In the Thick of It and is a great blog to go check out.


  • Put the award logo onto your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award
  • State three random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choosing
  • Share a link to your best post

3 Random facts about me:

  1. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 18.
  2. My right eye is 20/20 but my left eye is almost legally blind.
  3. I’m adopted

My favorite blog post so far is Being a Flight Attendant: Reserve Life

Here are the questions from Sharon:

  1. If you won a million dollars what would you do with it? Gosh if I won a million dollars, I’d pay off my student loans, pay off my debt and give my mom money and then use the rest to rescue all the cute dogs and cats that are neglected.
  2. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? Antartica, if it wasn’t so expensive to get there, I’d already have visited.
  3. Why did you become a blogger? It’s a creative outlet that I love!
  4. Are you a sweet or salty person? Sweets person for sure, I LOVE ice cream.
  5. Would you rather a quiet night in or a night on the town? Quiet night, I prefer reading or watching a movie than going out.

Phew now I have to nominate people!

My questions:

  1. If you could meet any author who would it be?
  2. What’s your comfort food when you travel?
  3. If you could only have one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life what would it be?
  4. What TV Show are you currently binge watching?
  5. Do you prefer hulu or netflix?

Okay here’s the 10 people I nominate (apologies if you’ve already been nominated):

  1.  Lauren’s Travels
  2. Adam at The Sterling Traveler
  3. The Partying Traveler
  4. Prayers and Passports
  5. Passports and Pigtails
  6. Long 4 Adventure
  7. Mirea Jay
  8. Happy Travel Blog
  9. Le Travels
  10. Stacey Explores

LA Getaway

Thanks all for your patience while I worked through some things. I was definitely burnt out and needed a break, but I’m back and I feel great! Last weekend I went to LA to visit one of my best friends and go to Paleyfest. It was a small getaway trip but it was just what I needed.

Since Jessica moved to LA a few years ago, I’ve been going down to visit her every couple of months. This past weekend ended up being the first sunny weekend LA has had for a while so it was perfect timing. I rented a car for $89 for two days through Hotwire at NU Car Rentals. It’s pretty easy to find cheap rental cars for LA you just have to be patient and check different websites.

That weekend we decided we were going to visit Santa Barbara, but on our way we took a detour to Carpinteria and I fell in love. It is about 2 hours from Los Angeles. It’s a smaller town than Santa Barbara, but just as beautiful and less people. The sun was shining, we had mimosas and laid out on the beach. After our beach time, we went to a quaint Thai restaurant in Carpinteria that was really well priced, $15.00 for our lunch special.

That Saturday we attended Paleyfest with Stephen Colbert. For those who don’t know what Paleyfest is (I didn’t either), it is a Q&A with actors, writers and other people in different tv shows. They have them with the cast of This Is Us, Hawaii Five – O, etc etc. Pretty much any major popular show has done a Paleyfest. The last time I saw Stephen Colbert was when I was in New York in 2017 so it was long overdue to see him again.

Sunday we went and got brunch on Melrose and walked down Melrose. I’ve never been to this area so it was fun to check out and explore. It was also so hot that I was regretting my choice of wearing jeans and was being a baby and complaining I needed Seattle’s colder climate. HAH

Anyways all in all it was a good weekend that I needed to help recover from my rut and now I’m back!

Carpinteria , California. iPhone X.


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Little Update

Hi friends!

It’s been about a week since I last posted and I know I haven’t been very good at posting these past few weeks. I had all these intentions after I came back from Argentina to have multiple blog posts about my trip, different advice and tips about Buenos Aires and I’ve hit a bit of a wall.

I’m in a bit of a mental slump where I’m not really motivated to blog. I know that’s not fair to you as readers. I’m working with my therapist to figure out how to get myself out of this mental rut that I sometimes fall into where I loose all motivation for everything.

This ebbs and flows and I haven’t hit one of these in a really long time, so it’s something I’m really trying to pinpoint and work on. So instead of producing terrible blog posts, I’m going to take a step back from this blog and work on my mental health. I love this blog and everything I’ve built so far so I will come back, but I might take another week or two off just to focus on myself.

Thanks for your patience, for your love and your understanding. I’ve received a lot more support and love than I ever expected when I started this blog and I appreciate that so much.

You can follow me on twitter, my food instagram or my recently launched travelgram – I promise I’ll be back!

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Black History Month Spotlight: Lorraine Hansberry

stockton ink & quill

Thanks for following along so far. I’ve had great reception from friends and family who have appreciated these spotlights. Next week will be my final spotlight and my last spotlight will be Marian Wright Edelman so stay tuned! I know it’ll be in March, but as I took a week off for travels I wanted to still do my final spotlight.

Today’s spotlight is Lorraine Hansberry.

Lorraine Hansberry is the first black American playwright to have her play produced on Broadway.  Her play Raisin in the Sun is considered an American classic today (NPR). Her play Raisin in the Sun is about a black family that tries to move into a white neighborhood in Chicago (SparkNotes).

Hansberry was born in Chicago and attended University of Wisconsin before moving to New York City to pursue theater (Britannica). It was in New York that she began writing  for a monthly paper called Freedom and became an activist for peace and racial justice (FemBio).

Raisin in the Sun is her most famous play to date.  The play spotlights the struggles black people faced living in a segregated city and trying to move up in the world. Her female character Beneatha is highlighted for her positive image of a black woman who is intelligent and career driven (FemBio).

Unfortunately for us Hansberry passed away at age 34 to pancreatic cancer. Not much is known about her life except for a few pieces of work that she left behind after her death.

Here are some books to read more about her: