How to Save for a Trip

Hi, if this is your first time reading my blog, thanks and I hope you stay!

Today’s blog post is going to be about saving money for a trip or life!

If you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of bills: car payment, car insurance, student loans, rent, cell phone bill, etc etc. These things add up and can seem like it’s impossible to save for that dream trip you’re dying to take. It’s really difficult to save and traveling is expensive. Hotel costs, food, souvenirs, tours are just a few things we anticipate paying for when we’re on a trip. I want to help alleviate that stress so I’ve written about a few different ways I save so I can take the trips I want.

*Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor so please make sure to do research and choose the best option for you.

1. Qapital App

I found the Qapital app while browsing NerdWallet two years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. This app allows you to determine how much you save and what kind of savings you want. Once you connect your bank account to it, you can set up how much you want it to save. The reason I like this app is it creates a separate savings account that I can’t see when I log into my bank account. It’s only accessible via the app so I often forget I have it, but it’s very easy to transfer money from the app to your bank account. However this savings account does not accrue interest.  There’s a few different settings that they have so I’ll just write the ones I use.

The first is the round-up savings. Every time I use my debit card, or pay a bill, it will round up to the next dollar and withdraw the change into my savings account. (Example: I spent $3.50 on coffee, it’ll withdraw $0.50 and put it into a savings account for me).

The second setting I use is 54 deposits. This starts out withdrawing $1 on the first week, $2 on the second week, $3 the third week and so forth. You do not however receive any interest on your savings.

There are many other settings you can choose to increase your savings and different goals you can create. You can sign up here.

2. Acorns App

I really like this app because it’s very basic to use and allows you to invest easily. This uses a similar model that Qapital uses by rounding up and taking the change and saves it for you. Th only difference is this app invests the money rather than putting it into a savings account.

This does come with a monthly fee of $1 (or $2/$3 if you want more features). I honestly don’t know more about this app except that it takes my money and invests it, I watch it grow and can withdraw it pretty easily.

3. Save your tax return

This is probably something you hear from your banker or financial advisor (if you have one) but saving your tax return and investing it can help you in the long run. Every year I take my tax return and place it in a CD for 12 months. This way, I can’t spend the money, and I’ll be penalized if I try and withdraw it early. By placing it in a CD, I’m also allowing it to be invested. After the CD matures, I only withdraw the money that was earned on it and keep the initial tax return in the CD. I use Marcus by Goldman Sachs for my CDS.

4. Recurring Savings Deposits

This is something else I do that has been really helpful. Through my payroll department, I’m able to have a recurring deposits withdrawn from my paycheck before it comes to my checking account. If you are able to do this at your company, I suggest you enroll in this. For me, this means I am able to put money aside every month without having to do it myself. These savings are is also not connected to my daily bank account but is easily accessible to transfer money to and from. For me, the best way I’m able to save is if I don’t see the money. I use Barclays Online Banking for this savings account.

Hope this was helpful and not too boring. Do you have any savings tips that you think are really useful? Let me know in the comments below.

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Christmas Music

Is anyone like me and struggles with the desire to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving? This is seriously something I was really good about, I swore to myself I wouldn’t listen to any Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but then Ingrid Michaelson released her Christmas album last week, I had to listen to it and now I’m stuck.

I feel bad for Thanksgiving, it can’t help that the capitalistic society we live in wants to ensure we spend lots on Christmas. They completely have bypassed Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas after Halloween. Thanksgiving is like the awkward middle child that doesn’t know how to get the attention it desires without seeming needy. We forget about the history of Thanksgiving as we are so focused on Christmas.

However, I love Christmas music and I love the Christmas holiday. I don’t necessarily enjoy the gift giving anymore, but I enjoy the time that is given to us to spend time with our family and friends. I am an avid Christmas music listener and there are a few albums that I always listen to and always make me feel the Christmas Spirit so I thought I would share them with you.

Josh Groban’s Noël is the first album that I could honestly listen to year round. Every year I know it’s Christmas time when I put on his album and Little Drummer Boy starts playing. I also love his song It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. I think I listened to this song on repeat for a whole day (or two). Josh Groban’s vocals compare to none in this album.

Michael Buble’s Christmas is the second album I always look foward to listening. Random tangent, but recently a friend told me Michael Buble sucks and I almost walked up and left the restaurant. Don’t come for Michael Buble, he is everything. If you haven’t seen his Carpool Karaoke, you should watch it (click here). Anyways, this album is a fun and one of the perfect Christmas albums to dance around the living room to.

Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas is the second album I ever owned and I still have his CD, I even transferred his album from my old car to my new car. I love how his music makes me feel as if I’m in New Orleans. It’s one of my favorite albums and if you want a song to add to your Christmas party playlist Such A Night is one of his best songs.

Hilary Duff’s Santa Clause Lane was the first Christmas cd I ever owned and it is still a gem. Don’t hate me, it is such a good album and it is not on Spotify or Apple Music and it kills me. It is available on YouTube and I highly suggest you go check it out (my favorites are Santa Clause Lane, Same Old Christmas, When The Snow Comes Down, I heard Santa on the Radio, okay I’m basically just listing the whole album). I actually rebought the CD because I had worn it out so badly.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Albums? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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Welcome to my blog!

Hi there,

Thanks for reading my blog. I’m really excited to finally launch it after months of thinking if I should or not. This blog is going to be a melting pot of travel tips, my random thoughts, book and movie reviews and my life as flight attendant. I love talking about traveling, books and movies so I thought, why not wrap it all in one?

A little about myself –

I’m a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines and I’m based in Seattle, WA. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, St. Paul and Seattle. I have a degree in Political Science and I used to be a legal assistant and I did a term with AmeriCorps. I’ve been a flight attendant for almost two years and I’m loving the job more and more as each month passes.

Being a flight attendant is definitely hard and different from your normal desk job. We work crazy hours, are constantly in different time zones and have to pack for all sorts of weather.

Thanks for reading my first blog post and can’t wait to bring you along this crazy ride I call my life.

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