Monday Motivation

Last Monday I was definitely experiencing the Monday blues. Time seemed to be going by extra slow, I kept looking at my watch and only 2 minutes would have gone by. I was struggling and felt like it was the longest work day.

I worked three airport standby shifts in a row. For those who don’t know, airport standby is when we sit at the airport for 5 hours (that’s our shift time) and wait to preboard. Preboarding is when we board a flight for another flight attendant crew that are coming from another flight but are delayed for some reason. We preboard flights to make sure everything is ready for the other crew so they can just get on the plane and take off without having to delay the flight. This is great for passengers and the company to make sure that flights don’t get delayed, but if you don’t get called, airport standby is terrible. You sit there for 5 hours waiting for a phone call that never happens.

This was me: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and I was going stir crazy. I know every nook and cranny of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport so if you ever have a really long layover there, let me know and I will tell you all the best places to hide, where to charge your phones and the best food there is.

So on Monday, while I was waiting for a phone call that never happened, I decided to make a playlist. This playlist is my Monday motivation playlist. This is a playlist that makes me want to dance (and I definitely danced around the airport to this playlist). I made this playlist with the inspiration from some of my favorite artists (Parachute & Mat Kearney), The Challenge MTV Soundtrack (a really great show that you should watch and if you do I live tweet it so shameless plug to follow my twitter). Additionally I added songs that are great to sing in the car, alone or with friends, or to choose as karaoke songs. I tried to make a mix of 2019 songs and some good throwback songs. Honestly, I just wanted a really good playlist that was a mix of music that I could dance/sing and listen while taking the light rail to work.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any song recommendations to add to the list, comment below and let me know.

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Currently listening to: Podcast Edition

I know Podcasts have been around for a while, but I didn’t really get into them until my friends Emily and Alyssa launched their own podcast. I had listened to Pod Save America for a few episodes, but honestly, politics is a love-hate relationship and I had to stop listening.

I recently moved and my drive to the airport is now about an episode-long so I have been listening to their podcasts to and from work. Listening to their podcast has been a great way to keep me awake during my drive home, or help me sit through traffic on my way to the airport.

I really enjoy their podcast for numerous reasons but mainly because it makes me feel like I’m right next to them on the couch (not in Washington while they’re in Minnesota). Another reason is that it’s an authentic podcast that is exactly how they are in person. They talk about all things that millennial’s have to deal with: dating apps, friendship, adulting, job searching, etc. They are also extremely funny and I often find myself laughing at random times when I’m reliving their podcast.

I highly recommend you check out their podcast. If you’re looking for a something to listen to, want to feel like you’re hanging out with two great women and need a few good laughs: go check out Floral Couch Conversations. They are available on the Podcast App here, Soundcloud here and Spotify here. You can also follow them on Instagram here.

I give them a 5/5.

5 Star

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