Buenos Aires Overview

So I just wrote a blog post about how I like to plan a trip but I will admit, I did very little planning for this trip. I did maybe 20 minutes of research and that was about it. I had zero expectations and honestly didn’t know what to expect. The reason I took this trip was because my friend from college had decided to backpack Patagonia and was flying out of Buenos Aires after her trip. She invited me to join her for the last end of her trip and I jumped on the chance on having an excuse to travel.

I flew out of LAX to EZE on American – this was a 12 hour flight and I came prepared with lots of ebooks, music. I made two playlists, one to get me through the flight and one to help me sleep. My sleep music tends to be classical or soft rock and it helps me sleep so I don’t hear airplane noise.

Getting from Ezezia Airport to Buenos Aires is relatively easy. You can take a taxi or you can take a bus. I chose to take the bus – it takes you from the airport to Terminal Madero and is about an hour long and cost $370 Pesos (roughly $9USD).

Once you are in Terminal Madero I recommend getting a taxi, however here’s the caveat, Buenos Aires is still cash only so if you do not have cash, Uber works in Argentina (I’ll talk more about this in my next blog post). One thing I didn’t realize was how big Buenos Aires was so when I decided to walk to my hostel, it took me about 45 minutes walking (didn’t seem that far on the map and I was clearly wrong).

I booked one night at the Circus Hostel and then stayed at the Anselmo Buenos Aires Curio Collection by Hilton for four nights. The area I stayed in was called San Telmo and I’m going to do a blog post just on how awesome San Telmo is so stay tuned!

For the most part, Argentina is really cheap – a bottle of water cost around $120 Pesos, which is roughly $2.75 USD. The food was amazing and cheap, we had dinner out every night where we ordered appetizers, a bottle of wine and our main course and it came out to be average of $45 USD for both our meals.

I flew out of EZE to Dallas since American didn’t have a return flight to LAX. That was a 13 hour flight and I was going stir crazy towards the end of the flight. Also the person next to me wanted to talk the whole flight and I was not amused (it’s one thing to chitchat for a bit, its another thing when I’m clearly trying to sleep and you’re still talking).

Overall it was a great experience, I had a blast and cannot wait to explore more of Argentina. Stay tuned for more about San Telmo, the mistakes I made on this trip and things to do when you are there.

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My first international trip for 2019

ezy watermark_13-02-2019_10-47-00pm

I’m so excited I’m finally going on my first international trip of the year. I’ve been planning this trip since August of last year and the time has finally come! My friend Emily, who I met in college asked me to go to Madrid with her last February. I’ll be in Argentina for 5 days, I leave Wednesday but won’t arrive till Thursday.

My trip to Madrid with her was last-minute and spontaneous. I don’t remember what exactly happened, but she had texted me and I was asking her what she was up to and we ended up talking about her trip to Madrid. She told me what dates she was going and I realized I had those dates off so I jumped on the opportunity to go with her and went (this all went down in three weeks).

This time around it was a bit more planned out. I’ve known since August after we had talked about going on another trip together. She mentioned she had already booked this trip to Argentina and asked if I wanted to join, and she knew I was going to say yes.

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Buenos Aires through LAX on American Airlines. I’ll be making sure to take notes and get back to you on my experience flying American. This will be my first time flying American internationally (I’ve only flown them going from Seattle to NYC). The flight is about 12 hours long and I’m preparing myself for this.

Here are a few things I always bring on my carry-on:

  • Headphones
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitizer Wipes
  • Sleep Mask
  • Glasses case
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

(Pro tip: If you travel with medicine, make sure to always bring your medicine with you in your carry-on in case your checked luggage gets lost).

This is my second time going to South America, the first time was in 2012 when I went to Venezuela for a mission trip. So this will be my first time going as a tourist.

We don’t have much planned yet but I have a few things planned and made a few reservations to a few different restaurants that I want to try (can’t wait to blog about it later!).

Sorry for this vague blog post, but I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for this trip, as I’ll probably do quite a lot of blog posts about it. I’ll be posting photos of my food adventures on my food instagram here and my new travelgram that I just launched, which you can follow here.

Catch you back in America!

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6 Travel Ornaments


I hope by now you’ve already bought your tree and decorated it. My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree. I’ve gotten into this tradition that wherever I go, somewhere new, I buy an ornament from that place. The ornament either has the city written on it, or something related to the city. This reminds me of everywhere I go, and it always brings back memories of my trips.

Some of my favorite ornaments I bought when I was abroad and I hope that even when I move, I am able to keep them.

However, for those late people (because life gets in the way sometimes right?) here are some of my favorite travel related ornaments.




4. This one can be personalized!



Do you have any ornament traditions or is it just me? Probably just me.

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22 Things About Me


I’ve been blogging for almost a month now and I first want to thank all my followers! Thanks so much for your support and reading my blog. Also, shout out to my mom who’s been promoting my blog on her facebook page and she only has 44 friends, that’s dedication and love. You can also follow my food adventures on Instagram or follow my tweets.

Now that I’m getting into the swing of blogging (again) I thought I’d tell you a little more about myself. Here are 22 things about me!

  1. I grew up in Seattle, WA
  2. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, St. Paul, and Seattle.
  3. I studied abroad in Geneva and I spent a month in Greece.
  4. In 2016 I backpacked throughout Europe and visited 10 countries in 3 months.
  5. I plan to travel to three or four countries next year.
  6. I once flew to the UK to see Ed Sheeran.
  7. I’m a Liverpool FC supporter.
  8. My favorite bookstore is Powells.
  9. My favorite movies are Ocean’s Eleven and Shawshank Redemption.
  10. My favorite Disney Movie is Mulan and Finding Nemo.
  11. I bought my first car last year.
  12. My goal is to have all my student loans paid off by 2020.
  13. The first time I drove a car I backed into a pole.
  14. Alaska is my favorite U.S. State.
  15. I’ve been to 27 states and I want to go to all 50 eventually.
  16. Maui is my favorite Hawaiian Island.
  17. I want to donate my hair in 2019.
  18. My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring my mom got me for Christmas in 2014.
  19. I can’t wear contacts (seriously I’ve tried).
  20. I once flushed my cell phone down the toilet (sorry Earth!).
  21. I know all the lyrics to Hamilton.
  22. I’m a Ravenclaw.

Whew! That was a lot. Any fun facts about you? Or what Hogwart’s house are you? Comment below!

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Vancouver Day Trip

Last Monday was my friend Chelsea’s birthday so some friends and I decided to go to Vancouver, B.C. for the day. From Seattle it’s about 2.5 hours driving time. It’s a really pretty scenic drive and we made a road trip playlist for the drive. I posted our playlist below.  This was Andy, Louie and Chelsea’s first time in Vancouver and Canada (Louie had a layover in Toronto, but never left the airport so that doesn’t count).

Make sure before you arrive in Canada that your cell phone has a plan to include Canadian cell service or you may be charged for it. Additionally, make sure your debit or credit card doesn’t charge you foreign transaction fees for being in Canada (ridiculous, but it’s true. WellsFargo charged me for being in Canada a few years ago and I learned my lesson).

Our first stop was Granville Island. If you’ve never been to Granville Island, plan to give yourself a few hours to explore. Parking is a bit tough, so you have to be patient, but it is free for the first three hours. Once you are parked, everything is walkable.

In Granville Island, there a building called the Public Market, outside are two seating areas where local artists will play music. This is a fun area to relax and listen to some low-key jams. Inside the Public Market is a hodgepodge of restaurant stalls, produce stalls and other goodies. There are other artisan craft and local stores that are fun to browse through. If you are trying to find a unique gift to give someone, Granville Island is a great place to go.

Our second stop was a dim sum restaurant called The Peaceful Restaurant. The restaurant is only about a mile from Granville Island. This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, which is why I choose it. It is very reasonably priced and your typical Chinese restaurant with the plastic chairs, plastic bench and cups. It was clean and we got seats right away. We ordered:

  • Xia-Long Bao
  • Vegetable Steamed Dumplings,
  • Spicy Dumplings,
  • Pan-Fried Dumplings
  • Green Onion Flatbread

Including tip, it was $40.44 USD.

Our next stop was Bubble Tea and we went to ShareATea which is about a few blocks from the restaurant. This was place hopping and had a good selection of bubble tea. I ordered the Mango Green Tea with Lychee Jelly.

We did a drive through of Stanley Park. At this point, it was pretty dark so we couldn’t actually walk it, but it was a great see regardless.

Our two final stops where places I wanted to go and dragged them along (although they were kind enough to say they wanted to go also). I took them to a Japanese store called Daiso. It has two-stories and you can get a lot of home goods and random knick-knacks for cheap ($2-$10 CA range). It was a fun stop that we spent over an hour looking through all their goods.

The last stop before our drive home was a store called Real Canadian Superstore. This place was really fun and I equate it to a Walmart but classier and smells better. Here we picked up some food you can only get in Canada (like Aero Chocolate bar, Canadian version of Smarties and Old Dutch Chips BBQ Style).

After this we were back on the road and headed to Seattle (it was around 9pm at this point). Most of the ride back was Chelsea and I rapping to Hamilton while Lou slept and Andy was slightly bemused over our rap singing. We’ve decided we’re going to make these road trips a semi-regular thing and we’ve begun to plan our next trip.

What are some of the best day trips that you’ve been on? Let me know!

(Taken on iPhone X, edited with VSCO)


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Some musings of a Flight Attendant

Hi there, thanks for reading my blog and hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions you want me to answer or any topics you want me to talk about.

One thing I’m often asked “how is life as a flight attendant” and it’s a really hard question to answer. Like any jobs, there are pros and cons, but I love my job.

What I love about my job is the flexibility. I can work as much or as little as I want. This year has been a pretty chaotic and stressful year. The beginning of the year my grandmother passed away and that was a devastating blow that affected me more than I thought. I ended up taking a lot of time off. Additionally, I love the ability to take off time to travel. Early this February I went to Madrid last minute because my friend happened to be there on the same days that I have off. That was an exciting last minute trip that I feel grateful I had the opportunity to take. There are times when I want to be home, but I’m flying for four days instead.

What is the most frustrating part of my job is the behavior of the passengers on the plane. For the most part, a majority of passengers are nice, respectful and listen, but there are always a handful that just make you want to bang your head against the wall.

One thing I would like to point out is 99% of everything we do or say is based on safety. We don’t ask you to put your tray table up and seat backs forward to be annoying. We do it because landing and takeoff are when plane accidents happen. If we have to evacuate the plane, we want to be able to ensure you are able to get off the plane. It’s a lot harder to get out of your seat if your tray table is down and the seat in front of you is laying on your lap. The other 1% is telling you we don’t have Pepsi.

A confession I have is sometimes I really admire other flight attendants who have told me they met their significant other on the plane. I often wonder how that went down. Did the flight attendant slip their number subtly? Did the passenger come up and give them their number? How did they connect? Was it love at first sight? These are important questions! On a side note, I’ve actually had two passengers give me their numbers.

The first time was my very second flight ever and I was saying goodbye to the passengers as they deplaned and he gave me a piece of paper that had his number on it. I didn’t text him back, I felt awkward.

The second time we had landed was when I was flying to Cuba. I had been working first class and he was a first class passenger who literally slept the whole entire flight. Once again, as I was saying goodbye he got up and said he enjoyed the flight and wanted my number. As we were in Cuba, and I didn’t have any cell reception, I didn’t get any of his messages until I landed back in the United States. Needless to say, that didn’t go anywhere.

Are there any questions you have for a flight attendant? Or a really cute/funny story about how you met your significant other?

These are two pictures I took in Cuba on a Fujifilm XT-10 and edited on VSCO.

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